Admission Criteria

In order to assist with admission, House of Hope staff will, whenever possible, conduct personal interviews with potential residents.  We also conduct in-reach through correspondence and offer a toll free contact line.  Some of the conditions considered for acceptance to the facility include:

  • no or limited institutional charges and none which may be described as severe in nature;
  • the client has not used violence against correctional staff;
  • the client has community support and defined parole plans;
  • the client has participated in correctional programming to address his criminogenic risk factors;
  • the client has not re-offendeded on any past conditional release(s);
  • the client is not associated with a level of media attention that might jeopardize the confidentiality and privacy of the other residents;
  • the client has the support of their CMT (Case Management Team); and
  • the client can follow set rules and is motivated to change his lifestyle.

All applicants should apply in writing to the facility.