About Us

The House of Hope-La Maison de L’Espérance is a non-profit, organization contracted to provide residential services to federally incarcerated offenders who are both male and are on conditional release. The purpose of a CRF is to contribute to the protection of society by facilitating the safe reintegration of offenders in the community through effective risk management, respecting the principle of least restrictive measures and the rule of law, and by providing appropriate support and resources. The residential services provided by The House of Hope-La Maison de L’Espérance are contracted by the Correctional Services of Canada (CSC) and are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who represent the community at large.

The main goal of the House of Hope-La Maison de L’Espérance is to assist our clients in their successful reintegration into the larger community in a responsible manner offering client centered support necessary for the promotion and maintenance of a lifestyle free from criminal activities. The House of Hope-La Maison de L’Espérance was founded by Yvon Leblanc, a reformed offender, in 1974, who noticed a growing need for offender support during their transition back into the community. He believed that support and treatment during the reintegration process would reduce the rate of recidivism and better facilitate the development of a safe community. Accordingly, he organized and administered the House of Hope for many years supporting the successful reintegration of hundreds of ex-offenders into the larger community. Consequently, responsible reintegration through individual support and adherence to community safety continue to be the efficacious cornerstones of the House of Hope-La Maison de L’Espérance.

Finally, thanks must extended to the House of Hope staff team and its Board of Directors, throughout the years, for their dedication and hard work in fulfilling the objectives of the House of Hope and in furthering the respect and support of our key stakeholders.